“About Us”


The Philadelphians Prison Ministries is about prospecting and changing hearts of criminals through the power and love of Jesus. The goal is to change the way a criminal thinks by introducing him to new ways of dealing and thinking! This is a 3-prong program. The outcome is a "life change" and is accomplished through the following process:

Weekly Praise & Worship Services With Strong Bible Teaching
Personal and spiritual growth is sparked as they learn to worship God. Most inmates desire more teaching and maturity begins as they grow in the
knowledge of God.


HELP Program
This is an in-prison weekly program. A small group of 15 inmates learn Christian values and principles as they deal with everyday problems. It expands knowledge and creates diverse interests by reading the Bible and studying current events.


HELP House Supportive Transitional Housing
The HELP House is a supportive transitional housing program for ex-offenders. The goal is a new way of thinking and living. This program develops stability and Christian values with strong Christian mentorship, guidance and structure; developing the "outward" and "inward" person. It is the "whole man" concept. Outward appearance and behavior is necessary in the change process of an ex-felon. The importance of social skills is emphasized and personal needs are met and taught.


These three programs work together to bring about a new way of thinking.

                        • He begins an entirely new life.

                        • He does not return to prison.

                        • He pays taxes.

                        • He becomes a new citizen in our society.


            The value of this ministry’s programs:

                        • Stops the development of criminality.

                        • Teaches Christian values.

                        • Motivates to desire more of God and His ways, which brings maturity.

                        • This process breaks down the criminal mind.


 "And be not conformed to this world,
but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable,
and perfect will of God."
Romans 12:2