A Man Is Not Born A Criminal

The Philadelphians have been ministering in prisons since 1980 and are living witnesses to the power of JESUS to change lives! This anointed ministry testifies to the power, love, and mercy of JESUS to prisoners.

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Prayer of Forgiveness...
"A prayer given by God for men in prison"

Father, please forgive me
and cleanse me from unrighteousness.
Fill me with your SPIRIT,
And fill me with your love!

Make me and mold me
Into all that you desire for me.
And lead me and please guide me
that I may do your will.

You are my Saviour
You are my LORD!
I give my heart to you
I will surrender all
Father, please forgive me
I ask in Jesus' name... Amen


Effective Music Ministry...

Most inmates released into our communities are better criminals than before they were incarcerated due to the fact that the prison environment encourages the criminal mind. Prisoners live in a world of darkness and desperately need the light of Jesus to transform them.

The Philadelphians have traveled to prisons since 1980 sharing the Gospel of Jesus through music and teaching. They've done this faithfully while also working full-time jobs AND raising kids! Their commitment to share the love, mercy and forgiveness of JESUS is evident in the amount of days they have spent on the road during the week, weekends, and holidays.


Our Recordings...



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